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I’ve been holding my tongue for many years now, and with everything that is happening today, I can no longer remain silent. I must voice my views to whomever may listen. Many of you will undoubtedly take offense to my words, and to you I say that if you will honestly hear what I have to say, you must agree that my words are true.

First, some background… I also am a minority, I am Irish. My ancestors were brought here against their wills, and even though many of my countrymen came here willingly, we were treated no better than the Chinese, Africans, Mexicans, Italians, native Americans, etc… we were also held and sold as slaves, and not only in the south. As free people, we were refused work, or made to work for less than enough to feed ourselves and our families. Regardless of skin color, people deemed undesirable were treated with terrible disrespect, violence, and regarded as subhuman.

What’s my point? None of those who treated my people, nor others who were not white Anglo-Saxon men of power are alive today, likewise, none of those who were treated this way are alive today. We are several generations separated from those progenitors.

In America today, every individual, regardless or race, color, or national origin, is afforded the same rights as any other. In fact, those we term as “minorities” are today offered positions and salaries for which they are less or no more qualified than their competitors, simply due to the fact that a company or organization can and will be fined, boycotted, and dehumanized for discrimination, even though none may have existed.

Outside of the workplace, many things have changed of late. All someone has to do is say they are offended by something and magically it disappears.

This country has become so afraid of offending others that we are now forced to change or language so that there is no chance of offense, and no matter what changes are made, it is never enough. We are forced to remove historical artifacts that stand to remind us of what happened in our past, so that the bad isn’t repeated. We have been forced to remove God from our schools, government offices, and most aspects of our personal lives. We can no longer say Christmas, we must say winter holidays, while others are still allowed to use their respective terms for their own holidays. We are now being asked to not only remove the words man and men from anything related to gender which, in and of itself, does hold merit, but also from place names such as Manhattan.

We now have a growing group of young people, who while still in school, and have little life experience to draw from, protesting and making political statements that they know little about, simply to join in the increasing number of people who are offended by something.

We have people horrified by the treatment of illegal, or “undocumented” if you prefer, immigrants. To put this in to perspective, if a person, regardless or race, color, religion or national origin, whether born or naturalized citizens of this county, commits a crime, his/her rights are at the least temporarily restricted. If a person commits a crime with no family is arrested, their children are taken into protective custody while they await trial. Illegal immigrants, simply by arriving in this country without going through the proper channels, are committing a crime, and should they not also be treated as any other? Many of these people are given jobs with very low pay, they do not pay taxes, they are given refuge in areas even though they have no legal right to be here. One of the founding principles of this country was immigration, all are welcome here, they are only asked to come legally.

The simple truth of the matter is that it is time to start taking responsibility for our own lives, if you want a better job, get the education and experience necessary for that position. Can’t afford an education? There are programs at every governmental level, from city to county, from state to federal that are available to everyone. Learn a trade, find a job, even if you have to start at the bottom, and work your way up. Want more money for the job you do? Do your job to the best of your ability, show your value to your employer and ask for a raise or promotion. Many companies have already started implementing self serve facilities because of the demands from their employees for excessive pay for the duties performed. A high school student, working a first job as cashier at a fast food restaurant, demanding $17 per hour, is not only making excessive demands, they are forcing the existing workforce out of their jobs in favor of automation.

Is racism your complaint? Please understand that racism is being kept alive from all sides. No one demographic is solely responsible. If you want racism to end, start by treating everyone else the way you would like to be treated. If this would just be done by everyone, racism would end. Do your part to stop keeping it alive by letting it die with you.

Stop being offended by everything, don’t allow a simple word or statue to destroy the good person that is inside of you.

Haven’t these issues gone on long enough? Would it not be a much better world if each of us would be the best person we can be, and own our own lives and emotions.

In what other county on this planet does a person have the rights and privileges that they have here in America? Can you name any that are better? Each county has different things they offer and restrict, each country has a benefit and detriment. Each country has a set of laws which you must abide by if you wish to be there as a free person. Each person has the right to live their lives here, within the law, as with anywhere else. If America is such a terrible place for you, find somewhere that makes you happy, go through the legal process, and relocate. No one is forcing you to stay, likewise, no one is forcing you to leave. I challenge you to visit other places and experience their way of life. If you can not afford to physically visit other countries, go on the internet and learn about their societies, laws and cultures. If nothing else, you may enjoy learning about others.

Whether you are a man or woman, or identify yourself otherwise… gay, straight, lesbian, bi, curious, or any other definition that you choose to relate, be proud of who you are inside, and don’t let others interfere with your happiness in your self.

If you feel that our language should be altered to fit into a different perspective, the by all means, sit down with those individuals necessary to accomplish such, make your point, allow them to make theirs, and come to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

Want to stop going to jail? Stop committing crimes. It really is just that simple. No one is going to arrest you and send you to prison if you live within the law. Are you mad at the officer, deputy, or trooper who gave you a speeding citation this morning? Slow down. Drive the speed limit, obey the traffic laws, leave early enough to make it to your destination safely and on time. Have you or some one you know been arrested for theft, arson, rape, murder or another violent crime? Did you do it? If so, you’ve no right to complain. If not, cooperate with the investigating officers, state your position, and prove your innocence.

Most of the problems today can be solved with just a little common sense. Do the right thing. Is there something that you desperately need? Don’t steal it because it’s easy, do what’s necessary to acquire it legally. Can’t afford it? Ask your self, is this truly a need, or is it simply a want. If it is truly a need, there are programs available to help you. Government provided medical insurance may not be the best available, but it is free or very low cost and will do the job. Don’t have enough money to feed your family? Again, the American government will help you. You likely will not receive enough for steaks, lobster and beer, but you will receive enough to feed yourself and your family if you manage it properly, and before you ask, yes, I do have personal experience with government provided medical and food and even utilities and transportation. I’ve had to rely on family, friends, and the government to help me when I was in need.

I blame no one for the mistakes I’ve made in my life, except for myself. I didn’t make the right choices in school and my work history , so I pay for that mistake in my financial life. I’ve never committed a crime, so I’ve never been arrested. I received a speeding citation 32 years ago, which by having to pay, cost me much more than its value in the other bills that I couldn’t pay. Since that time, I’ve not received even a warning. Why? I obey the traffic laws. I don’t speed, I use my signals, I’m respectful of other drivers and I exercise caution.

Am I better than you? Not by any means nor definition of the word! I have simply decided how I wish to live, and I’ve done what was necessary to maintain that. Was it easy? By no means, was I given anything to help? No. My parents were simple farmers, life was difficult, so I chose to make it better for myself. I am not financially wealthy, my family and I live paycheck to paycheck, as do many of you, but we have a home, food, water, power, modest transportation and most importantly, we are happy and we love each other. There is no reason which exists today why you can not as well.

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  1. Bill Sharpe

    This is our battle.

    This is how it works, the American Bar Association has their agents in government, All of them are in the Democratic Party.

    These political agents create regulations and laws that grows government, that allows more of these agents to infiltrate our government,Giving more power to the American bar and the Democratic Party, by growing and making more positions in government for their agents.

    Their agents are devoted to the people that got them these jobs and will do almost anything for them. people like Peter struck,Robert Mueller and others in positions of power that are in the FBI, IRS, CIA, ATF the list goes on and on and on.

    They use the courts to rob people and corporations, for example the Democrats or the agents for the American bar, have the political pawns in government Create regulatory bodies and write regulations to create Illegal litigation Problems for Individuals and companies, perhaps using the EPA, IRS, To Pull People or Companies into legal battles, where this creates tremendous financial pressure on a Targeted Individual or company.

    They caused a company to go into the red because of the litigation with no end in sight. They strategically keep circumventing laws through the regulatory bodies, to keep up the Financial political harassment of a company or corporation.
    when the company tells them that they’re going to have to close the company because They are not making any money,Then the politicians working for the American bar offer Them an alternative From closing to Move to another country.

    This is the equivalent of being shaken down by the Mafia!
    At that point if the company accepts that offer they will be partners with the organized crime syndicate.

    That’s why so many of our companies have closed up and went bankrupt, and or have moved to foreign countries.
    And this is also why so many individual families go bankrupt And lose their homes similar techniques To reacquire their Assets And to increase their Personal debt!

    They know the people are catching on because they have done this to so many people in every state, And community across our nation. And this is the real reason they want to take firearms OFF the people. Because they know once the majority of the people find these truths out their lives, their future, and their families will now be targeted by those who they robbed, killed raped and murdered!

    This organized crime syndicate does not rob banks or anything small, they rob states and countries.

    This is what financial warfare looks like, and this is the beginning of how These corrupt Individuals and organization can overthrow a company or a government!
    And all of the people will be left victims if they’re lucky, if someone like Hitler Ends up in power millions of people will die!

    Part of the strategy is to follow and target people who have money, because if you have money you can defend yourself, if you have money you can buy weapons to defend yourself, if you have money you can communicate with others and organize a resistance, that is why they target people and organizations with money!

    Like corporations and unions, Their strategy is Designed To create poverty and desperation To have the masses turn on each other!

    The people who are related to our founding fathers are the people that are being targeted, the same group of individuals who fought for this nation’s freedom in the Revolutionary war, are Being targeted by the same group of people who Our ancestors have fought. DNA testing Find out who your ancestors are?

    Our enemies known as the New World order are all the other countries in the world that wish to have kingdoms and monarchies,To reestablish their powers in the world. the United States of America breeds heirs of freedom, and that is why we are entering into Battle once again.

    Every battle that the United States of America has ever been in, was to test our unity and our willingness to defend our beliefs and ideologies.

    It may not be one big war but a series of battles that probes our determination our faith, and those who lose the willingness defend and fight will be the defeated!
    But those who stand together in righteousness will never be defeated, for their path is preordained for victory!

    Everything that your father’s father’s father fought for, sacrifice for is the same thing you will be fighting for today. if you do not defend your inheritance Of freedom and Liberties that They have left to us, We will be making all of There sacrifices in life in vain!

    Every generation fights to defend the generation before them, and fights to defend the generation after them, to ensure that their generations their bloodlines continue through time With the hope of finding a place where peace exists,Even if that Peace is Just a brief moment.

    Today is our time and Place In history to stand up and fight! not for us but for those in the past who have left this world to us , and for those in the future and the world that we will be leaving to them!

    We are the sons and daughters of the warriors Of freedom who created this great nation of freemen, we dare not let it fall! for if we Fail we will have squandered not only our inheritance, but the inheritance of our children’s And their children’s future!

    TO the people of the United States of America who wish to be free and sovereign, this is our time and that time is Now what do you wish your future to be for your heirs!

    I believe the Communist started blocking this post I would appreciate a little help in sharing it thank you.

    Bill Sharpe 10/22/2018