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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who doted on her Dad Fred. Now Fred was a retired pastor turned editor who decided to impart some of his gifts onto his four children.  Fred taught us words like “introduction” and “topic sentences”, all while trying to keep curious minds occupied!

The oldest son relished the information, embracing it as he recognized the truth. His slightly younger sister, however, turned her back on things, saying they were too “restrictive”! The second son rejected everything altogether after teacher after flaming liberal teacher hammered down how bad it was to be a white male because don’t you know? White men are the bane of “poor people”; they’re W.A.S.P.s! (Or White Anglo-Saxon Protestants,) and should be snuffed out or rendered inert!

Which left the youngest girl searching for answers. All she really wanted to do was love her family, have them love her back, and find her purpose in life. So, when her beloved Dad saw a spark, he grabbed a hold of it and wouldn’t let go! Daddy started praying more often with this little girl….teaching her to write a proper Writing papers by the tender age of 10. And he started teaching her how to recognize the Holy Spirit’s promptings!

Little did he know…that in his limited time on earth, his encouragements and proofreading corrections would touch this little girl so! When Fred left this earth to slumber until our Lord’s return, this girl was a young Mom herself, still trying to find her spot in life.  The oldest brother found HIS niche in teaching, leading, singing, and writing Southern Gospel songs with his immediate family.

The oldest girl eventually returned to God, bringing her husband and children with her, but still resents the church and many Christians for their part in Dad losing his job with the church magazine. The younger son hasn’t spoken to his Mom or siblings in quite some time due to “irreconcilable” differences of opinion, and the youngest writes for various church publications, praying that someday, her second-oldest brother will remember the faith their Father clung to so. 

I think I’ve finally found my calling in life….encouraging others to seek out and be faithful to God above….and trust HIM to speak through us to our family and friends…some day, some way….I’m praying that HE makes a way to call our brothers home!

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