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    The Freedom Vine Group was created by Freedom Vine to give members a page to get info and updates related to the freedom Vine Platform directly from the Freedom Vine Team.

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    Welcome to American Pro-Life;. The focus of this group is to protect the sanctity of ALL human life from conception until natural death. This includes protecting babies from abortion, fetal tissue experimentation, and embryonic research; and the general population from euthanasia, cloning, population control and human genetic engineering. We are also concerned with the physical and psychological trauma to everyone affected by abortion. Here are a few policies to keep in mind when posting or commenting:
    Please respect members and their opinions (This does not mean you have to agree with them). It is important to remember there are members from all walks of life, with different beliefs, religions, etc. You may not always see Eye to Eye with a member, but we request strongly that you respect their background and beliefs regardless, and please don’t use this page as a platform to question them on it. The only focus should be their resolve to protect Life.
    Please do not Block any admin for any reason. If an admin can’t see your page or can’t message you if needed, than you will be removed from the group!
    Please keep your topics strictly pro-life: IE, Abortion, Suicide, Euthanasia
    This is NOT a debate group so please do not discuss the pros and cons of the issues here.

    Topics involving Politics or Religion are permitted only if they are directly related to a Pro-Life topic. This group is not a group to discuss the presidential candidates, etc.
    Please refrain from using profanity in your posts or comments (If they are included in articles or memes, that is different)

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    Let’s see where everyone is from. Post pictures of your hometown(s)

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    Here we will practice Bushcrafting and wilderness survival, Hunting, fishing, and trapping. We will also show how to clean and cook the animals we have caught, also you may see some gardening, canning of the foods that we harvest.

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    America’s culture war has become a vicious and uncontrolled psychological war involving “Gaslighting” – the deliberate manipulation of ideals by manipulating the environment and thoughts of others with social interaction and black medicine including clandestine drug weapons. The reasons for America’s cultural shifts, the tactics against free speech, and the suppression of morals in favor of ethics are debated and explained by it’s members with regard to the wide body of psychological research used in both commercial, and clandestine sources. The primary resource of this work is the compiling of a study library of PDF materials which can be freely downloaded, read, and distributed for the debate of ideals. As good men, we must ask ourselves what society desires of us.


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    You can grow enough organic food to feed a family of six in your back or side yard investing 6 to 8 hours a week. To us, gardening is about the quality, nutrient value and food miles of the food. Food miles are the number of miles your food has to travel to reach your plate. Food can travel thousands of miles before it reaches the grocery store. This increases pollution and the food nutritional value degrades during transit. In many cases, the food is irradiated meaning that you are eating dead food. No one knows the long-term effects of eating irradiated food, the longest study that we could find was only 15 weeks. We measure our food miles in feet from our kitchen to the garden, we know it is high quality, high in nutritional value, and free from harmful chemicals.

    In this group, we will discuss and educate on topics such as soil, seed, pest control, plant care, hydroponics, organic fertilization, raized beds, harvest, and storage.

    The best time to learn to grow food is now, don’t wait for the time when you have to grow your own food.

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    This is a group for Christians to discuss writing and encourage other writers in their work. This is not a group for posting your own writing. It will be assumed that everyone who is in this group is a Christian so there is no point trying to evangelize each other.


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    News stories verifying without a doubt that we are in the very last of the last days, and that all mankind had better repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord, Savior, and only hope before it is too late!

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    The current era is stained by a very particular cultural imperialism. Europeans do not have self-determination under its yoke. It is Amerikan imperialism, which at inception was stamped with the title of ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ and set out to destroy all higher organic bonds with the state, the blood of ethnicity and race, with the ecosystems they are a part of in the name of (selfish) freedom, rights without responsibilities. It set out a new but degenerate order of the secular, disintegrated, degenerate individual. The aftermath of such a transformation is landfills of junk, massive demographic displacement of native europeans, decimated forests, global warming, melting ice caps, species extinction, untold criminality and disorder; all for the special privilege of ‘free’ individuals given rights without responsibilities.
    Now there’s an upheavel: with peak oil shocks, climate chaos and demographic displacement lapping at our shores, a new Order of Excellence is needed to pick up the remains and make the survival of our best people, life supporting ecosystems, and our highest aspirations of discovery, the reason d’etre of our existence. It is called the Novus Ordo Eximius.
    Through it, excellence (eximius) is to be cultivated, adherence to higher scales of life (superorganisms at all layers within Life as a Whole).
    Through it, the Excellence laws are to be put into motion. Like casting of broken bones, so as to reform them and give them better form. Where we continue insisting on individual freedoms at expense of our long-term survival, we are like individual cells clueless as to how to set a broken bone, we have no external caste-structure to help set and reinforce the higher order. So until we heal those broken bones that actually gave us a spine, that higher structural order has to be externally enforced to set the mould, and set things right, the way they ought to be.

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    This group is for reloaders. A place for cartridge and shot shell reloaders to share information, buy, sell or trade reloading supplies and equipment, and discuss anything rifle, pistol, and shotgun reloading. Note: Neither the creator of this group, or any of this group’s members are responsible or liable in the event that anyone gathering info from this group is harmed. You are solely responsible for your own actions. Also, any debates that take place here are to be civil. No fowl language or rudeness towards other members will be tolerated. This WILL be a family friendly group that supports our 2nd amendment rights. Anything that makes this group, any of it’s members, or firearm ownership look bad will be grounds for removal from this group. If you provide reloading recipes/data you MUST provide the source you acquired the data. Again YOU are ultimately responsible for checking and confirming the sources BEFORE you use that data. Please be responsible. By applying for membership, you agree to these terms.

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    President Trump Discussions
    45th President of the United States

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    We are a group of people from all over the world who support Tommy Robinson and his activism in the UK. We are not racists, and no racist comments will be tolerated.

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  • Guns, guns, and more guns
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    Firearms group discussion, and likewise.

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  • Growing  Vegetables and Fruits.
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    In these uncertain times it is important to have some knowledge of growing ones own food. If you have a large farm with lots of acreage or a small place and can only grow in containters , this is a good place to ask questions or share your knowledge and give advice for novice gardeners.

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  • Constitutional Conservative
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    I don’t adhere to any one party, but I do give weight to the Constitution of the United States and in my Biblical beliefs when I choose a candidate, cause and laws to back.

    I believe in sarcasm to go along with a healthy dose of humor. The forum will contain a mix of culture, politics, society and religion. All are welcome, regardless of persuasion and beliefs.

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    Restoring God and the Constitution to America.
    The only way to make America great is to stop compromising, stop voting for the lesser of two evils and vote for Biblical principles, regardless of the cost

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    A top-100 U.S. ranked media outlet for Americans looking for relevant news stories, with an emphasis on politics and culture.

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    Any memes politically conservative.

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    Conservative Review is designed to pull back the curtain on Washington and the political games played by politicians who seek to dilute conservatism and constitutional values in order to advance their political agenda.

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    Fox News Stories

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