Welcome to American Pro-Life;. The focus of this group is to protect the sanctity of ALL human life from conception until natural death. This includes protecting babies from abortion, fetal tissue experimentation, and embryonic research; and the general population from euthanasia, cloning, population control and human genetic engineering. We are also concerned with the physical and psychological trauma to everyone affected by abortion. Here are a few policies to keep in mind when posting or commenting:
Please respect members and their opinions (This does not mean you have to agree with them). It is important to remember there are members from all walks of life, with different beliefs, religions, etc. You may not always see Eye to Eye with a member, but we request strongly that you respect their background and beliefs regardless, and please don’t use this page as a platform to question them on it. The only focus should be their resolve to protect Life.
Please do not Block any admin for any reason. If an admin can’t see your page or can’t message you if needed, than you will be removed from the group!
Please keep your topics strictly pro-life: IE, Abortion, Suicide, Euthanasia
This is NOT a debate group so please do not discuss the pros and cons of the issues here.

Topics involving Politics or Religion are permitted only if they are directly related to a Pro-Life topic. This group is not a group to discuss the presidential candidates, etc.
Please refrain from using profanity in your posts or comments (If they are included in articles or memes, that is different)