This group is for reloaders. A place for cartridge and shot shell reloaders to share information, buy, sell or trade reloading supplies and equipment, and discuss anything rifle, pistol, and shotgun reloading. Note: Neither the creator of this group, or any of this group’s members are responsible or liable in the event that anyone gathering info from this group is harmed. You are solely responsible for your own actions. Also, any debates that take place here are to be civil. No fowl language or rudeness towards other members will be tolerated. This WILL be a family friendly group that supports our 2nd amendment rights. Anything that makes this group, any of it’s members, or firearm ownership look bad will be grounds for removal from this group. If you provide reloading recipes/data you MUST provide the source you acquired the data. Again YOU are ultimately responsible for checking and confirming the sources BEFORE you use that data. Please be responsible. By applying for membership, you agree to these terms.

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.