You can grow enough organic food to feed a family of six in your back or side yard investing 6 to 8 hours a week. To us, gardening is about the quality, nutrient value and food miles of the food. Food miles are the number of miles your food has to travel to reach your plate. Food can travel thousands of miles before it reaches the grocery store. This increases pollution and the food nutritional value degrades during transit. In many cases, the food is irradiated meaning that you are eating dead food. No one knows the long-term effects of eating irradiated food, the longest study that we could find was only 15 weeks. We measure our food miles in feet from our kitchen to the garden, we know it is high quality, high in nutritional value, and free from harmful chemicals.

In this group, we will discuss and educate on topics such as soil, seed, pest control, plant care, hydroponics, organic fertilization, raized beds, harvest, and storage.

The best time to learn to grow food is now, don’t wait for the time when you have to grow your own food.