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    This is an open letter to Pres. Donald J Trump.

    My name is William Sharpe, and I think it’s high time that you create a constitutional law enforcement agency, to work in conjunction with a constitutional court to go after these criminal enemies of the United States of America, working within our government as double agents to overthrow this nation by destroying our justice system, and our highest law enforcement agencies!

    If you create a constitutional law enforcement agency with the sole power to apprehend and try political corruption within our government, to be held for trial by constitutional judges in a constitutional court, with extreme penalties we can fix this nation!

    You have the power just like those who created the FBI, to create a law enforcement agency that defends constitutional law!

    At this current time in America’s history we have no credible law enforcement agencies or courts that will prosecute or investigate the real criminals in government!

    Mr. Pres. I voted for you because I believed that you could do the impossible, that you could somehow fix the corruption in our government!

    You and your family and friends now have experienced firsthand how corrupt the system is, how far this corruption goes all the way up to the highest ranking members of our nation, our senators and our congressmen have violated the oath of office, violated the trust of every American citizen!

    There is only one conclusion to this story to resolve it, and you must create a constitutional law enforcement agency, and constitutional courts to hold and try these people for the crimes against the American citizen.

    Those of you who see this post and agree with this I’m asking you to share it, make it go around the Internet until every one of these politicians including the president sees it!

    Thank you very much a very concerned citizen and your brother in arms
    Bill Sharpe.