Welcome To Freedom Vine

The Revolutionary New Social Media Platform For Conservatives, Libertarians And Any Freedom Loving American!

  • It’s about time conservatives, libertarians, Christians and others have their own social media platform where they are not targeted and censored!
  • This social platform will look and function very similar to the other top social media platforms. Plus you can see all the breaking news from all the top conservative sites like Fox News, Breitbart, etc. at any time in the “Newsfeed”.
  • We have one of the best social media tech teams in the nation that will continue to make this site the best for you!
  • But we need your help to make this revolutionary new social media platform succeed before it is too late and only a few liberal elites control all of social media worldwide.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Please share this platform with all of your family and friends and encourage them to join and use the new platform!

Freedom Vine is totally free to use and always will be.  It has however, cost a great deal of time and money to bring to you.  We are competing against billion dollar giants so if you would like to make a small donation to our social media movement, we’d appreciate it.  Thank you!

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